BBT enters partnership with Centris

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The provider of health insurance software from Root, Lucerne, will cooperate in future with the Solothurn-based industry leader in hosting.

This news may come as a surprise, as the two companies operate in the same market and offer similar services. However, on closer analysis, the future collaboration in the hosting sector makes perfect sense and proves to be a bold and forward-looking venture on both sides.

All the more so as BBT Software AG will continue to be the only Swiss provider to offer its customers flexible total packages in the area of health insurance IT. Meanwhile, customers will not notice much of the outsourcing of the hosting infrastructure, as BBT remains fully responsible for all areas of this complete service.

A logical step and accolade

In 2022, BBT will not have to look far for reasons to merge its server infrastructure: Starting with the optimization of performance and system availability for customers, to the increasingly central issue of cyber and data security, to considerations of climate protection, many factors make this step seem logical.

The demands on a potential external provider were enormous, after BBT had successfully provided and maintained the hosting entirely in-house for years. Centris AG won the race for BBT because, in addition to the best price-performance ratio, the Solothurn IT service provider also has the customer experience and scalable infrastructure of the required size on the one hand, and on the other hand has proven industry expertise in the Swiss health insurance market.

The fact that Centris is also seeking cooperation on an equal footing with BBT can, however, be seen as an accolade for the Lucerne-based provider of software solutions in the health insurance sector, which is on the upswing.

“The agreement on future cooperation with BBT is a great gain for both sides. First and foremost, however, the customers of our two companies will be able to benefit from it,” Centris CEO Patrick Progin is quoted as saying.

It remains to be seen what impact this cooperation will have on the Swiss health insurance industry.

Contact for further information:

Dominik Bardenhofer, CCO
+41 41 455 30 87

About BBT Software AG

BBT Software AG (BBT) has been a leading provider of modular and modern software products for health, accident and life insurance as well as claims management systems for companies since 1996. The modular and service-oriented architecture allows efficient integrations with various peripheral systems. BBT has over 40 customers in the insurance world and more than 14,000 companies work with its claims management software. The company became part of the internationally active Volaris Group in 2017, which in turn is part of Constellation Software Inc (CSI). CSI operates in more than 100 countries, employs more than 15,000 people and has more than 125,000 customers across a wide range of industries.

About Centris AG

Centris is one of the leading service providers of modular IT solutions in the Swiss health and accident insurance market, auditing invoices from around half of the insured throughout the country. As one of the largest employers in the city of Solothurn, it employs around 300 people from the IT and insurance sectors. The company boasts over 70 years of history. Its customers include Allianz Suisse, Aquilana, Assura, Atupri, AXA, EGK, Helsana, Helvetia, innova, Die Mobiliar, ÖKK, Solida, SWICA, the Sympany Group and Vaudoise Versicherungen.

Contact Centris:

Patrick Progin, CEO
+41 32 625 43 70