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As an insurer, but also as a customer-facing company, you need reliable IT solutions that function smoothly in every scenario. At BBT Software AG, we fully understand what you need – which is why we offer high-quality, comprehensive software solutions and core systems tailored to the requirements of health and accident insurers, plus claims management systems for companies.

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    Our products come equipped with a standard configuration, which we use consistently as a reference installation when implementing them in introductory projects. In this way, you benefit from short project runtimes and low implementation costs. We listen to what you have to say, cater to your requirements and create lasting added value for you. To our services

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    From our development centres in Root, Visp and Zermatt, around 60 employees offer you swiss IT expertise at the highest level. One of the pillars of our success is our multitier, service-oriented architecture, with which we deploy the perfect IT solution for you on a .NET platform, according to your needs. Thanks to our decades of experience in the insurance market, in particular the Swiss market, we have already been able to impress over 60 clients in the insurance industry. There’s good reason why our software is used by over 14,000 companies.

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Executive Management

Walter Capozzolo


Bernd Wieland


Urs Weber


Dominik Bardenhofer


Dierk Brunner


Tanja Herzog

Head of Human Resources

Board of Directors

Portrait Hubert Rüedi

Hubert Rüedi

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Portrait Hermann Biner

Hermann Biner

Founder of BBT and member of the Board of Directors

Portrait Patrick Frank

Patrick Frank

Member of the Board of Directors

Portrait Joachim Masur

Joachim Masur

Member of the Board of Directors

Portrait Brian Beattie

Brian Beattie

Member of the Board of Directors and representative of Volaris

Portrait Mike Dufton

Mike Dufton

Member of the Board of Directors and representative of Volaris

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News and interesting facts

Urs Weber is the new Chief Operating Officer

Urs Weber joined BBT Software on May 1, 2023 in the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer, strengthening the existing five-member management team as a new member. He takes…

2 min

A holistically conceived software integration

At the round table with Claudia Andersson, Head of Benefit Services Private Retirement Provision, Daniel Maillard, Head of Service Centre Private Retirement Provision and Andreas Werneburg, Project Manager, from Pax…

7 min

Interview with our CEO Walter Capozzolo: «I want to understand how our customers think»

Walter Capozzolo has been CEO of BBT Software AG for three years. In this interview, he reveals what challenges he has faced, how he deals with change and where he…

4 min

Expertise for everyone – thanks to new Sunetplus training from the BBTSchool

Now, the newly founded BBTSchool no longer just focuses on companies as employers; it is also targeted at individual employees as users. As in many areas of day-to-day work, this…

3 min

Volaris Group Launches Vencora

The internationally active buy-and-hold acquirer Volaris Group, of which BBT Software AG has also been a member since 2017, has founded a new global business division: Vencora. Toronto, November 2,…

2 min

Expansion of the Board of Directors

Two proven and high-calibre insurance and IT experts recruited for BBT Root, 26 October 2022 – As part of the annual strategy process, the Board of Directors of BBT Software…

2 min