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Sunetplus download

Click on the relevant link to download. Sunetplus is multilingual. The language is selected when starting the program. At the time of installation, a «Demo Datenbank (Sunetplus)» is installed. One user is created «Administrator» with the password «init» in lower case letters.

Sunetplus / Sunetlight / BBTClaims support

+41 41 455 30 30

Opening hours

08.00 am – 12.00 pm
01.00 pm – 05.00 pm

Sunetplus version overview

Please select the Sunetplus version you are interested in knowing more about:

  • Version 5.2024.100.2074

    June 2024

    New features in Sunetplus version 5.2024.100.2074

    Suva: Customer number format
    The new “Suva” customer number format is supported.

    NOA activity list
    The activity list for recording non-occupational accidents has been adapted.

    SI number
    Recording the SI number is only mandatory to a limited extent.

    Relapse recording
    Relapses can now be recorded with the policy at the time of the event.

    Vaudoise: Pregnancy complications
    The recording of “pregnancy complications” has been integrated for “Vaudoise” customers.

    Innova: Form adjustments
    The “Authorisation” form has been adapted for sickness notifications.

    Branchen Versicherung Genossenschaft: Extension of policy and claim number
    Claims recording has been expanded with the format of new policy and claim numbers.

  • Version 5.2023.200.2073

    December 2023

    New features in Sunetplus version 5.2023.200.2073

    Bidirectional communication
    Bidirectional communication has been integrated for “Groupe Mutuel” customers. This makes it
    possible to display the notification status and the statement as the first step; in the second step in the
    next release, the daily allowance statement will also be displayed.

    The Help menu item has been linked to the manual.

    Data protection
    Note on data collection when importing claims notifications.

    Treatment of SI number Liechtenstein changed
    The SI number is not a mandatory field for the Liechtenstein place of residence (zip codes 9485 –

    Import of telephone numbers > 15 characters
    For telephone numbers longer than 15 characters, all spaces or other characters are eliminated
    during import, as the insurance companies can only receive 15 characters.

    Sunet 4
    Migration from Sunet 4 to Sunetplus is decommissioned.

    Only affects customers who use SQLite:
    SQLite will be decommissioned with the next Sunetplus release in spring 2024.
    After the update to Sunetplus 2073, convert the database to MSAccess or MS SQL Server, as the next
    release (Sunetplus 2074) will no longer support SQLite DB.

    The forms have been adapted for the following insurances:
    – Branchenversicherung
    – Helsana
    – Generali
    – Baloise

  • Version 5.2023.100.2072

    May 2023

    New features in Sunetplus version 5.2023.100.2072

    Bidirectional communication
    – Further development in report search

    SI number
    The SI number is a new mandatory field, except for Liechtenstein nationality.

    In the case of parenthood, the date of birth must not be in the future.

    Bank details
    Only the IBAN account type can be used.

    AIL remarks field
    There is a new field for remarks to the insurance company for AIL, this already existed for Sickness.

    The forms have been adapted for the following insurances:
    – Groupe Mutuel
    – Sympany
    – Mobiliar
    – Allianz

  • Version 5.2022.200.2071

    December 2022

    New features in Sunetplus version 5.2022.200.2071

    Extension for bidirectional communication

    Query status and daily allowance of all pending reports with one click (see manual). New bidi
    overview page when activating the checkbox “Bidirectional communication” on the page “Find

    Adjustment of parenthood
    Motherhood/paternity has been replaced with parenthood. It is now possible to select whether the
    EO benefits are drawn as mother or other parent.

    Occupation list
    The Swiss occupational nomenclature for surveys CH-ISCO-19 has now been integrated.

    The agencies for the following insurance companies have been adapted:
    – ÖKK
    – Suva

    The forms of the following insurance companies have been adapted:
    – Innova
    – ÖKK
    – Suva
    – elisLife
    – Axa

    Insurance-specific adjustments for Axa
    Supplementary insurance-specific questions and adjustments for Care Management reporting.

  • Version 5.2022.100.2070

    April 2022

    New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2022.100.2070

    Bidirectional communication
    Bidirectional communication has been integrated for «elipsLife» customers. This enables the display of the settled daily allowances in Sunetplus.

    Transmission of SAI accounting

    For «Swica» customers, it is now possible to transmit the short-term absences export list electronically with Sunetplus.

    elipsLife: Form adjustments
    Various adjustments have been made to the claim forms.

    AXA: Form adaptations
    Various adjustments have been made to the claim forms.

    Groupe Mutuel: Form adaptations
    The company logo was adapted in the claim forms and other minor adjustments were made.

  • Version 5.2021.20.2069

    October 2021

    New features in Sunetplus Version 5.2021.20.2069

    In addition to maternity, paternity can also be reported via Sunetplus.
    Please only enter this report if your insurance policy includes daily benefits for maternity and / or paternity. The right to statutory maternity allowance and / or paternity allowance can be asserted at the responsible AHV compensation office.

    End User License Agreement

    Until now, the end user license agreement was only displayed during the installation of Sunetplus and had to be accepted at that time. The end user license agreement can be found under «?» up in the menu bar of Sunetplus. This regulates the legal data protection aspects.

    Import of the phone number
    The length of the telephone number has been adjusted to 15 characters, as insurance companies can only receive 15 characters.

    Persons involved in the accident report

    The persons involved must be filled if the option «Were other persons involved?» is selected.

    The name of the operating system is displayed under Sunetplus «Info».

    The insured person’s email address is printed on the claims forms.

    The addresses and agencies have been adjusted in the claims forms.

    The addresses have been adjusted in the claims forms.


    The addresses and agencies have been adjusted in the claims forms.

BBTSchool Sunetplus –
virtual trainings.

System requirements

  • Windows 10
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Excel 2013 or higher (for statistics export)
  • SXGA resolution (1280 x 1024) and min. 16-bit color
  • Monitor font size (96 DPI) 100%
  • Optional: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and higher

FAQs: general and technical

  • How can I get support over the phone?

    BBT Software AG support hotline: +41 41 455 30 30
    You can also e-mail us at

  • How must I log into Windows to install the software?

    To install the software, log in as administrator. That will give you all system rights you need for a successful installation.

  • How do I proceed to use the data bank in a network?
    1. Save the data bank on the server drive for common access
    2. Install the Sunetplus software locally on each workstation
    3. Define read and write rights for the data bank directory
    4. In the Sunetplus login, save (via «Configuration») a link to the data bank on the relevant server drive. The save path is saved by the user for the next access.
  • How do I update the application?

    If you are already using Sunetplus, simply install the new version via the existing one.

    Please also consult the information on the automatic update process in the program guide.

  • In what order should I enter my data after the installation?
    1. Configure the policies (start date and contract details)
    2. Configure the operating structure – can be hidden if required
    3. Capture the personal details
    4. Capture the claims notifications
    5. Send the claims notifications electronically
    6. Print the claims notifications
  • Who can answer my questions on insurance?

    Contact your customer adviser if you have any questions, e.g. about contracts, policy numbers or benefits.


  • What must I do after changing insurer?
    1. End the old insurance
    2. Enter the new insurance (start date and contract details)
    3. Amend the personal details, i.e. update the fields on the page «Insurance details»
      with the beginning date of the new insurance policy. This step can be automated using a bulk change command (Edit > Bulk change > Person > Transfer policy)
    4. New claim notifications can again be entered
  • What should I do if incorrect personal or salary details are printed?
    1. Check the personal details in the claim notification
    2. Check the employment details in the claim notification
    3. Check the salary details in the claim notification (please note that salary details are managed in historicized form)
    4. Reprint the updated claim notification
  • How do I regularly secure the data I have entered?

    Solution with Access or SQLite data bank
    Backup your data bank (file with the suffix .sunet) on a regular basis.

    Solution with SQL server
    Ensure that your data bank on the SQL server is backed up regularly.

  • Where can I find the basis used to calculate the statistics?

    Please consult the manual «Sunetplus Statistics guide» in the support area of our website for details of how the statistics are arrived at.

  • What software/hardware do I need to run the application?


    • Microsoft Windows 10
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
    • Microsoft Excel 2013 or higher (for exporting statistics)
    • Optional: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and higher


    Recommended if working with Microsoft Windows 10:

    • At least 500 MB of hard disk space  (SATA2)
    • Minimum screen resolution 1280 x 1024 and at least 16 bit color
  • What should I do if the electronic transmission of claims notifications does not reach my insurer?

    Go through the following checklist with your administrator to ensure you have the correct internet settings.

  • What should I bear in mind when configuring the person import interface?

    Follow the program help advice in Sunetplus (F1 key) when configuring the person import interface. As additional help, here are the interface definitions of the person data in Sunetplus.

  • How can I connect to an existing Sunetplus data bank?

    Start the program and click on «Configuration». Enter the existing connection to the Sunetplus data bank here. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the first steps chapter of the Sunetplus manual.

  • What types of data bank does the application support?

    Sunetplus supports the Microsoft® Access runtime engine, SQLite and the MS-SQL server.

    The Access and SQLite data banks are created automatically. The SQL server data bank can also be created with Sunetplus if the relevant rights are available on the server. Alternatively, for the current programme version, a backup of the SQL server data bank can be downloaded in the support area of our website and connected to the SQL server (restore).

  • The application is running slowly on my computer. What can I do?

    Sunetplus is being used successfully by organizations with several thousand employees.

    If Sunetplus appears to be running slowly, check your network connections (data throughput and latency times), since connection problems can have negative impacts on performance. Ideally, Sunetplus should be installed on a commercially available PC with at least 8 GByte RAM.

    If only the electronic transmissions appear to be running slowly, check your internet configuration.