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In order to further sharpen its positioning in the market, BBT launches a new visual brand identity, which was realized in collaboration with the advertising agency Rocket from Lucerne. BBT still stands for the same values, but these are now expressed in a more methodical way. Elements such as the typography and the first color were also retained.

BBT Software becomes BBT. Now, the acronym of the founders’ names stands out independently. “This was done to reflect the momentum in naming the brand that has developed over the years,” says Dominik Bardenhofer, CCO. The BBT typography and the color turquoise remain.

The term software was not dropped without replacement, but was changed to “software for insurance”. On the one hand, this descriptive addition declares BBT as a software company that is active in the insurance market. On the other hand, it is also a claim with a play on words: BBT “assures” its reference groups that they are well on their way with their software and are in good hands with BBT.

In addition to the rational values “established” and “down-to-earth”, “likeable” was emphasized as BBT’s most valuable emotional characteristic. While the former is manifested by the plain, sans-serif fonts, the new color composition of the BBT logo reflects the latter. The former dark sea blue has given way to the new secondary color pink. “The composition of turquoise blue and pink as a color gradient gives the BBT logo an eye-catching freshness and cheerfulness reminiscent of a sunrise,” says Ivana D’Addario, Marketing Manager, adding, “We wanted to get out of the vast ocean of blue logos and stand out. Because we have something to offer and, as all our reference groups find, we are a likeable company”.


Dominik Bardenhofer, CCO
+41 41 455 30 87

Ivana D’Addario, Marketing Manager
+41 41 455 30 61

About BBT Software AG

BBT Software AG offers modular core systems for health, accident and life insurers, as well as absence and claims management solutions for companies. Founded in 1996, BBT now employs around 60 members of staff at three locations: Root, Visp and Zermatt and has over 65 customers from the insurance sector. More than 14,000 companies use its claims management software. BBT has been part of the international Volaris Group since 2017.