Order Sunetplus

The download link will be emailed to you.

Installation guide

Click on the relevant link to start the download. Sunetplus is multilingual. The desired language can be set when starting the program. 

The installation includes a «Demodatenbank (Sunetplus)» and is preset with a user «Administrator» and the password «init» (lower case letters). 

Whenever creating a new installation, it always includes the default user «Administrator». You can set the password for this Administrator when you open the database. Make sure you keep a note of the password! 

By installing Sunetplus you agree to the terms of the license agreement contained in the software package.

Sunetplus is updated on a regular basis. Please always work with the latest version.

SQL Server database backup

If you are starting with a new SQL Server database or want to convert your existing Access database, you can download a SQL Server database backup here to restore it to your server.

AXA certificate

Transmissions to AXA require the use of a Certificate supplied by certificate provider Digicert (DigiCert SHA2 Extended Validation Server CA). If you have not yet installed the certificate, you can download it here. Unzip the certificate and install it. A guide to installing the certificate is also available here.