New bureaucracy brake: BBT uses AI

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Since summer 2023, we have been offering insurers another way to reduce bureaucracy – with a new, highly powerful mobile app for their policyholders. The artificial intelligence it uses manages to improve and simplify document management to such an extent that it becomes a game changer.

By Ivana D’Addario, Marketing Manager at BBT

So far, apps for digital document management are nothing new – but what does an insurer do when its customer submits a document electronically that is barely legible and cannot be processed by the system? The problem is well known: older mobile devices with cameras that only allow for moderate image quality, or low-quality and low-resolution scans can cause quite a lot of manual background work when digitizing documents. Yet the purpose of digital document management is precisely to increase the degree of automation and dark processing. Or, conversely, to avoid generating additional work processes that tie up valuable human resources. So it was clear to us: with AI as an integral component, a new app is a real solution for insurers. The further optimization of the entire process within document management is also a decisive advantage.

For the development of the new application, we teamed up with soxes AG in Bubikon, a partner for innovative IT solutions. soxes has over 20 years of experience when it comes to turning individual, visionary and creative technological projects into reality. With over 600 completed projects and more than 300 satisfied customers, soxes is the ideal partner for this BBT project.

This is how it worked

Insured persons were first given access to their insurance data and invoices via a web portal. In a second step, soxes developed and implemented an initial version of the new mobile application, which insured persons could use to scan their documents for further processing. As expected, the quality of the submitted scans left much to be desired. The third step therefore called for an improvement in the digital scanning function. To solve the known problem pragmatically, soxes integrated an external software development kit (SDK). With advanced image processing techniques based on artificial intelligence, the quality of the scan images was increased many times over. Even with weak mobile cameras, flawless scans were now produced so that they could be processed and saved automatically using technology.

soxes finally extended the mobile app with isolated instances that are independent and inaccessible to anyone. This means that it can be used as a white label, which means that other insurance companies interested in this solution can offer it to their policyholders as their own. And best of all: in addition to the fact that even low-quality scans can be created simply, quickly and easily with this mobile app, there are only minimal development costs for company-specific adaptations.



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