First-class community event with Dr. Gernot Starke

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As an annual sponsor of .NET Usergroup Zentralschweiz, we are delighted to have also hosted their first event of the new year: the community event with Dr. Gernot Starke on January 16, 2024 at the end of the day here at the Rooter D4 Business Center. Dr. Starke, coach and management consultant for software projects and well known in the market, has made it his mission for many years to effectively design the architecture of large systems.

By Ivana D’Addario, Marketing Manager at BBT / Marko Marković, Software Architect at BBT

In yesterday’s presentation, Dr. Starke addressed the concept of quality, which is difficult to define in software. Unsurprisingly, it is understood differently by the various stakeholders or they are often unable to explain what exactly they require in terms of quality. Dr. Gernot Starke showed how software quality can be specified and fulfilled in concrete terms in order to ultimately develop better systems.

A total of 25 participants listened to his captivating presentation. The atmosphere was relaxed and engaging, as Dr. Gernot Starke is a popular personality even outside the tech industry and the author of countless specialist books. It was a real pleasure to welcome him and listen to him.

We would like to thank Urs Enzler and Daniel Marbach, the founders and organizers of .NET Usergroup Zentralschweiz, as well as our Marko Marković, Software Architect at BBT, who actively supported the two gentlemen and ensured that the event could be held at our premises.

About .NET Usergroup Central Switzerland
The aim of the .NET Usergroup Zentralschweiz is to offer developers, administrators and other like-minded people in central Switzerland an interesting experience and knowledge platform, whereby the organizers work in close partnership with the usergroup of the same name in Bern and the Zurich Developers Group.

About Dr. Gernot Starke
Dr. Gernot Starke is a wholeheartedly computer scientist, software architect and practicing agilist in the methodical approach to software development. He is (co-)founder and maintainer of arc42, founder of aim42 as well as founding member of the association iSAQB e.V. (International Software Architecture Qualification Board). As an INNOQ fellow and consultant, he is involved in small, medium and large IT projects for companies in various industries – with a focus on information systems, but also reviews, audits, architecture and system evaluations. He also provides support with modernization, migration and renovation.