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At the beginning of March 2023, BBT smoothly transferred all the data of FKB – the Liechtenstein health insurance company – to the new hosting structure within three weeks. The fact that FKB, with its almost one hundred years of eventful history and cost-conscious philosophy is convinced by BBTHosting, is motivated by various factors.

By Ivana D’Addario, Marketing Manager at BBT

Karin Zech-Hoop, Managing Director, and Anita Conrad, Head of Finance and HR/IT and Deputy Managing Director

Managed hosting is a term that can throw small and medium-sized companies around, as BBT knows from experience and empathy. The reasons are many and varied, ranging from limited or lacking IT resources to a lack of time to manage their own server to growing IT infrastructures and the associated increasingly complex server capacity planning. In addition, the topic of IT security has gained immense importance in hosting – and has therefore long since taken on a highly emotional, business-critical significance.

State-of-the-art data and cyber security

Not least because of cyber and data security, BBT and IT service provider Centris have been working together on hosting since June 2022, after BBT successfully provided and maintained hosting for BBTIndividual customers itself for many years. Other motives led to this logical step, such as optimizing performance and increasing system availability or even climate protection considerations. By outsourcing the scalable hosting infrastructure to Centris, BBT can offer its customers state-of-the-art data and cyber security as well as high performance – despite all the firewalls. Nothing will change for customers as a result of the partnership between Centris and BBT, as BBT will continue to be responsible for application management. The health insurers that are part of the customer base therefore continue to enjoy first-class BBTHosting support.

The internal technical advantages of the collaboration are also convincing: BBT operates an independent, isolated network at Centris, which consists of shared and separate customer systems. The shared systems cover the basic requirements of all customers, i.e. systems that all customers need equally are run on these basic servers. In turn, BBT configures the separate customer servers specifically according to the needs of its clientele and integrates its comprehensive protection systems. Both customers and BBT administrators can access the virtual servers remotely.

And it is precisely this overall package that is the plus for FKB, which has enshrined in its mission statement that it will not take any unnecessary risks «because high security standards, reliability and genuine satisfaction are more important than short-term opportunities», explains Karin Zech-Hoop, Managing Director at FKB. This is why BBT’s strategic pricing approach to BBTHosting is not to offer top performance and maximum IT security as cheaply as possible, but to support our customers with the best protection systems and a comprehensive security infrastructure. «With all the protection systems from BBT, we are safe on the road. We know that attackers can be detected quickly and measures can be taken to ward off attacks proactively», adds Anita Conrad, Head of IT at FKB, to which Walter Capozzolo, CEO at BBT, replies: «It is our declared aim that our customers and we too can sleep soundly, because cyber security is a very serious issue and is now more important than ever».

DaaS and SaaS as well as data processing in Switzerland

From a holistic perspective, BBT’s hosting service in collaboration with Centris is the optimal DaaS and SaaS solution for customers like FKB who are looking for performance, user-friendliness and security all in one and want to be personally supported by BBT. If the corporate policy decision also depends on the data having to be processed and stored entirely in Switzerland due to the highest security standards, BBT is the doubly ideal partner. This is because Centris’ three redundant data centers are all located in Switzerland.

This also means that BBT – certified in accordance with ISAE, ISO/IEC and operator of a data collection point in accordance with DPCO – has long been operating with all data and information in Switzerland in compliance with stricter data protection standards, i.e. has been catching up with international standards for some time, and is therefore also lucrative for Liechtenstein companies. As an EEA member state, the Principality of Liechtenstein has been subject to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since May 2018, which is considered one of the strictest data protection laws.

BBTHosting is the sensible combination of classic hosting with excellent security protection. «BBT manages all of the customer’s applications, such as BBTIndividual and others, and we even take care of the printers. Only telephony and e-mail traffic remain the customer’s responsibility», says Dominik Bardenhofer, Chief Customer Officer at BBT. The services can also be expanded depending on requirements and requests.

    Hosting services and benefits

    • Three redundant data centers distributed in Solothurn
    • Implementation, maintenance, security, storage, back-up and monitoring of all installed software
    • Daily back-up of data
    • Maintenance of BBT’s own software installed on the hosting platform
    • State-of-the-art protection systems
    • BBTHosting support
    • Data processing takes place exclusively in Switzerland
    • Security updates for Windows and Office as well as BBTIndividual
    • Maintenance of the technical infrastructure such as firewalls etc.
    • High server availability of 98.5 percent
    • Data storage in compliance with data protection legislation
    • Annual ISAE report 3000 (SOC 2) type 2
    • ISO/IEC certification 27001
    • Certified data collection point (CDCP) in accordance with FADP, DPO and DPCO
    • Authorization and role management
    • If required: support with the configuration and organization of the necessary IT infrastructure and maintenance of third-party software