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Now, the newly founded BBTSchool no longer just focuses on companies as employers; it is also targeted at individual employees as users. As in many areas of day-to-day work, this target group has both transformed and refined itself when it comes to Sunetplus training. This is a crucial state of affairs that led BBT to redesign the training on offer.

By Ivana D’Addario, Marketing & Communication

While it is certainly true that BBT Software has offered courses for Sunetplus users for a long time, the range available previously was limited and primarily focused on the needs of SMEs: whether their teams have been restructured or changed (as is often the case when tasks or competences are expanded) or whether they want to refresh, update or develop their employees’ knowledge. The new Sunetplus range of training courses sees BBT now also address individuals. Today, there’s a solution available for them too – how could it be otherwise, from a software solution provider? What’s more, these solutions are adapted to suit their level of knowledge and the issue at hand.

Johannes Van De Kerkhof (left), Matteo Martinelli (right)

New needs, new opportunities

“We’ve expanded our range of training courses and also reworked its content,” commented Matteo Martinelli, Team Leader Customer Service at BBT. “Our main reason for doing this was because it’s not always possible to clearly specify what an individual’s knowledge of Sunetplus is like. After all, not everyone has the same level of know-how.” It makes perfect sense that SMEs would struggle to put several employees, all at different levels, together in one group with the same course objectives. But what else has changed? I set off to find out. “Depending on their role and field of activity, our Sunetplus users have different tasks on their plate compared to their colleagues, so they require knowledge in a completely different area in order to acquire Sunetplus skills. Plus, even within the same teams, Sunetplus is sometimes used to a differing extent.” As a result, it made perfect sense for the course content to adapt to suit potential participants – not the other way around. I’d like to know more about how this worked in practice. Mr Martinelli added: “Simply put, we start out by defining the topics and content in conjunction with Sunetplus users and draw up organisational frameworks in line with their personal needs.” In other words, Sunetplus training is offered on an individual basis to meet individual needs.

“The course content is adapted to suit the potential participant – not the other way around.”

Matteo Martinelli

Despite all the customisation, standard courses remain popular in the training sector – and they do make sense too, particularly in cases where employees can assess and categorise their level of knowledge. “Now, we’ve got standardised courses for beginners, advanced users and superusers,” added Johannes Van De Kerkhof, Sales and Business Development Manager at BBT. “And, today, thanks to hybrid working and the digital transformation, handling the question of location is easier than ever before: we provide all our training for individuals online.” This saves participants time and allows them to benefit from appealing terms, too. Incidentally, all users and interested individuals can attend Sunetplus training, regardless of which company they work for.

In light of all these new developments, the Marketing department couldn’t resist showcasing the revised range of training courses under a brand-new moniker at the same time: the BBTSchool. Users can rest assured that the BBTSchool is the perfect place to brush up on their knowledge of Sunetplus – because BBT Software developed Sunetplus in collaboration with Suva.

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